The Bern Book
Welcome to The Bern Book. This is a list of the rules we work and live by. They’re the principles that guide how we do business and how we solve problems.

Is it complete? No way. Like the businesses we work with, it will continue to evolve over time. When you look under as many rocks as we do, you’re bound to learn something new. And while the theory behind it won’t change, the content might.

Read on to see how we work...
Reject the Default
There’s always a better way. Finding it can be tough, but old thinking leads to more of the same. It’s a recipe for mediocrity. But, that’s how you’ll rise above the rest.
Be Decisive
Paralysis-by-analysis is deadly, and can expose even the most successful business. Never allow what if to become we should have.
Generate More Ideas
Nailed it on the first try? Think again. Come up with two more ideas. Then five more. You’ll either confirm you had it the first time or discover something even stronger.
Measure Metrics that Matter
Nothing is a KPI if everything is a KPI. Focus on the metrics that move your business forward and ignore the noise.
Experiment Often
Complacency is an epidemic, and it's an easy one to avoid. Tweak, tinker, iterate, then optimize. Every. Single. Day.
Explore Uncharted Territory
Crowded areas make it hard to be noticed. Find a new channel or some white space and plant your flag with authority.
Speak to New Audiences
Prevent your vision from getting too narrow. Seek growth through individuals with different characteristics and behaviors.
Listen, Then Speak
Your audience is telling you what they want. Learn to listen for long enough that you can hear them. Feedback is your most valuable resource.
Treat Customers Like Friends
You can’t go wrong being trustworthy, reliable, and present. Connecting on an emotional level builds real loyalty.
Challenge Your Own Ideas
Don’t be afraid to beat up your own thinking. It’s a great way to grow creatively and expand your perspective.
Be Ever Curious
Look under rocks, open doors, and knock down walls. You never know what you’ll find. New opportunities won't come looking for you.
Focus on Strategic Goals
It’s easy to get too deep in the weeds. Step back, take a deep breath, and refocus on the big picture.
Seek Frequent Feedback
You’re a focus group of one. Consider other viewpoints to ground yourself and your thinking in everything you do.
Don't Fear a Little Crazy
Push past your boundaries. Hockey stick growth comes when you venture outside your comfort zone.
Embrace the Haters
You know you’ve made it when someone feels passionate enough to hate what you’re doing. Don’t ignore it; revel in it and use it to fuel your fire.
Tees Over Ties
Life’s too short to wear a tie. We don't take business lightly, but growth is fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
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