About Mighty Well
Mighty Well’s mission is to help patients and their caregivers turn sickness into strength. They’re leading the global charge that changes the perception of patients from victims to fighters by improving the experience of being a patient.

They’re working to create the products and support system that patients and their networks need, from functional and stylish apparel and accessories that you can wear with confidence, to content that can help you get through the good times and the bad.
Service areas
  • Ecommerce Strategy
  • Community Building
  • Paid Campaign Management
  • Email and Automation
  • Reporting and Insights
the challenge
Mighty Well approached us ready to take their digital presence and marketing capabilities to the next level, with a focus on jump-starting digital revenue growth.
The solution
Following a complete digital audit and strategic development exercise, we worked with Mighty Well to launch a new digital strategy focused on creating a comprehensive and consistent experience for customers across all channels. This strategy was centered around developing a stronger community with a unified Call To Action; become a Friend in The Fight.

The Results

Digital Revenue Growth
Email Subscriber Growth
Paid Revenue Growth
what they say
"The Bern Digital Team has helped us to establish our online presence and is fueling our growth towards building an inclusive brand and community for patients everywhere.“
Emily Levy
CEO & Co-Founder
Ecommerce, Email, and Paid Ads
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